GX460 equipment improvement!

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Dear All, Greetings,

I am planning to buy a new GX 2017. I test drove it back to back with the RX350. My heart swings to RX while my brain wishes for the GX. The only hesitation is the old equipment inside the GX being about 10 years old or so. My question is: Does Lexus improve the quality every passing year (Incremental) or does it just stays the same? For example; is the back up camera, AC compressor, engine, display screen and other electronics etc gets updated from year to year or are they fitting a 10 years old stock stored in a warehouse somewhere?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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I just bought a 2017 gx460 as a replacement for my MB ML350 4matic.  The older engine was an attraction for me.  I don’t know about Lexus but MB rolls out engineering changes throughout the year, etc.  I expect the same for Lexus.  In theory, parts should be cheaper, etc. due to economies of scale, etc.  


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