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P0171 O2 Sensor 1 or Sensor 2?

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Hey guys,

2000 RX300 and long story short, I have been clearing a bunch of codes by replacing things like knock censor, MAF sensor, coils in order to be able to pass emissions test.

I have one code left, P0171. I know this is typically the MAF, but since I just put a new one in, I can only think of the O2 sensors that are left.

Of the Bank 1 sensors, is one more common to fail than the other? Is there any way to tell which one needs replacement? Or do I do whichever is easier and cross my fingers?


Thanks in advance.

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It is sensor 1bank 1.  Bank 1 is closer to passengers.  (Bank 2 is closer to front of vehicle). There are 3 total “oxygen” sensors.   Two are pre cat. Literally speaking, the 2 pre cat ones are called”A/F” or air/ fuel sensors but it’s not uncommon to hear them called oxygen sensors and everyone knows what that means.  The third one is post cat.  


The Bank 1 sensor itself is  accessible from under the car.  The wire connector connects just underneath the Intake manifold (on the right from above).  It can be reached from above or below. 

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    • By philmstar
      Hi Guys (& Gals)
      On my way up to Seattle airport to collect family when I got a engine management warning light. I "baby" my Lexy, so I pulled into a local Toyota dealership and had them run the diagnostic. It is my front (drivers side) O2 sensor. They stated car will still run fine (and it does) but I have lost the reading from that sensor and hence warnings etc. if Catalytic fails :) Typically I was charged $75 for running the test!!! (Sadly my tester was at home) and they proceeded to quote me $278 to order a replacement!!!
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      2003 RX300. Got the trouble code for the Heated O2 Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 2). says I need part number 
      I believe them so I bought the same exact part from Amazon even though their site says it doesn't fit, thinking the Lexus site will know better.
      Got it installed fine and cleared the codes but the code keeps coming up every time I clear it. Did I just waste $140? Why would one site list it as fitting and the other doesn't? Could it potentially be another issue?
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      Hello Guys, first time posting here for me. But I have used this site on numerous occassions to help resolve issues with my 94 LS400.
      So here is the deal. And yes, I have read MANY posts on this, but still am asking for some updated answers, because most of the related information is very old.
      CA car.
      She failed MISERABLY the first time with double or triple the passing amounts in HC and NOx. After new CAT she barely passed the NOx portion, but still failed the HC portion with about 10% higher readings than allowed. Can anyone show me the location of the EGR Vacuum Modulator and such? Also, could this be O2 sensor related? The new CAT cleaned up a LOT, but clearly there is still some underlying problem, and I really dont want to replace both of the header CATs as they are quite expensive..... thank you.
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      Not sure why this didn't post, but here goes again.
      I keep getting lean codes P0141, P0171, P1150. I think I have had several O2 sensors replaced. I have check for vacuum leak with smoker and checked vacuum pressure, replaced mass air flow sensor, changed the PCV valve, changed the plugs and coils, checked fuel pressure, ran a can of Seafoam through the gas.
      None of this has helped. I still get lean codes and I am getting about 13 mpg.
      This is a 2000 Lexus RX300 with 135k miles. This has been a problem for a couple of years now but my mechanic can't figure this out.
      It has not been a higher priority because I only drive the car about 10-15 miles a day.
      I don't want to keep throwing money at it, but I do want it to run properly.
      Any help would be much appreciated!
    • By robstercraw
      I was looking under the hood at a new problem for a failed emissions inspection on my '99 ES300. With the code P0171 it could be one of the three A/F Relay sensors (oxygen sensors) or the MAF sensor needs to be cleaned or replaced. Before I drop a huge load at a mechanic, how can you find out which part needs to be replaced?
      By chance, and unrelated, I just happened to notice that the rubber inside the torque strut mount is totally shot, Is this something I can easily replace? It looks like a couple of screws. I normally don't do much car repair work. I am just trying to do what I can to avoid a big repair bill. thanks for any advice!
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