GS450h SE EXTRAS + "Secret" Tweak Codes

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I've just purchased a 2008 GS450h SE. It's got only 30,000 miles (verified) on the clock and is immaculate. It has a Gen05 satnav with reversing camera, a Mark Levinson hifi + 6 DVD autochanger, etc.

There are two things I'd really like to add to this car:

(a) A way to either plug in my Samsung Android phone, or a USB dongle, or both, to play music through the car's audio system with control on the screen and not on the phone. Using the AUX socket in the armrest (i.e. the phone in control) is too clumsy.

(b) An aftermarket sunroof.

I'm really open to suggestions about the best way to achieve (a). Vaistech VML and Grom Vline Infotainment are two options I've been told about.

Re (b), I've got my eyes on an aftermarket Webasto/Hollandia 735 or 740 in-built sunroof. The professional installer guarantees it will be waterproof.

Advice and opinions, please.

Also, on my previous generation GS, there were a number of "secret" codes or tweaks (e.g., 4 rapid down pushes on the steering wheel adjustment when already at the lowest position would lower it further). Are there any known tweaks for the 3rd Gen GS450h? Google hasn't helped find any.


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I have an additional question. I've only got one key for the car, and this makes me uneasy.
I'm confident I can get hold of the Key ID.
Is there a more economical way of getting a spare key than going to a Lexus dealer? They want the equivalent of US$ 400!

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If you have techstream you can use a new or virginized key and add it to the cars memory codes. 

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