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I'm looking for answers to my mysterious knock sensor code on my 2001 LS430 180k miles. P0325 Knock sensor circuit 1 is the code I am recieving. Trying to do some preventative maintenance I changed the spark plugs with NGK laser iridium. Prior spark plugs I believe were the Densos. I as well changed a leaky PCV hose and went ahead and did the valve. The car ran great for roughly a week or so and then the code came and hasn't left. I seafoamed the car as well after getting the code. If I reset the code the car runs great, but returns shortly. I notice a slight tick and pinging under hard acceleration. Any suggestion would greatly be appreciated! I changed the spark plugs again also hoping maybe one of the NGK's was gapped incorrectly. I've went over the harnesses looking for shorts. It just seems strange I change the spark plugs and a knock sensor decides to give out. 

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    • By wineluver
      '07 es350 with 155k still on original plugs. Ready to replace with iridium plugs, which I will purchase online. What other parts do I need? I have a qualified mechanic who will do labor.
    • By ncdragbike
      So my wife's 99 RX300 lit the check engine light and went into limp mode. Had the codes read and showed 2, one for air fuel ration and another for knock sensor voltage. I replaced the AF sensors front and rear first just because they are easy. no change. Next I replaced both of the knock sensors. this cured the knock sensor code but left me with a Lean Misfire on Bank 1. I cleaned the MAF, same thing so I replaced it, still the same. The last round I decided to replace the fuel injectors. While I had the intake off again I replaced the plugs and swapped the coils from the front bank to the rear, (if I did have a coil issue the code would should banks). It did run OK if you drive it like a Grandma. If you get on it, it will miss an sputter in the upper RPM range and throw the check engine light. P0171, P0330, P0250 are the current codes. Knock sensors are new along with other parts. right now I'm leaning to fuel delivery problems, fuel pump or pressure regulator.
      I drive a truck OTR so I'm not home but a limited amount of time and have a limited amount of internet access  Because of that I've been dealing with this for over 6 months. Luckily I have a 92 Ford Explorer with 250,000 miles the purrs like a kitten she can drive 
      Any insight would be appreciated
      Vehicle is a 1999 RX300 AWD 140,000 miles. had a new timing belt and water pump @ 120,000, O2 post cat and exhaust repair @ 125,000 along with parts mentioned in the post.
    • By joep54
      I have a 1999 RX 300 with 186k miles on it.  Kept getting code for knock sensors, so i had mechanic change the sensors as the car would no go out of overdrive.  Well had Knock sensors replaced and the P0325 and P0330 came back and car will not go into overdrive again.  Any suggestions on what else to try.  I have put in the Premium gas but that has not helped.  The car runs great but MPG is down and worry about log trips.  Will take any suggestions to help take care of problem or can i just  drive it like it is?  
    • By Gtfourever
      Hello everyone, I have a 99 ES300. When I bought the car it had a check engine code, ended up being both knock sensors so I replaced them both along with the harness. I took it for a test drive and within 2 miles the codes pop up again 😔. I used aftermarket parts so I figured that was the problem. Then I repurchased the parts all with OEM this time, I get it all back together and again 2 miles down the road and code P0325 pops up car again goes into limp mode. So to sum it up I replaced the knock sensors and harness twice with NO cure to the problem. Could I be missing something or does this problem run deeper? Has anyone else experienced this problem?
    • By stricklybizn3ss
      Hello, I've looked thru these pages for a few years now just never joined until now. I have a 1991 LS400 which I replaced the starter on and everything seems put back together correctly except I notice that there is a ground wire located between back of engine and firewall more on the passenger side that is not connected to anything. I cannot figure out by looking where it goes, I haven't been able to find anything on Google, nothing showing me in pictures, I've looked on all the forums but no luck. I have looked at the wiring diagrams but I dunno if its just me but I can't get my answer from looking at any of those either. Here is a picture of it and where it's at among with a pic of whole car, maybe someone will like it and be kinda incentive to take time and help me out. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time in advance and I look forward to hearing from someone asap. I don't wanna start it and drive until I know where it goes. I just put a couple more pics up. The ground that I'm asking about connects to the wire that I point to in the yellow arrow in pic.  Dunno exactly where that goes but it runs under bottom of motor on passenger side of it.