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IS300 front suspension knocking noise

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My 2001 Lexus IS300 is  giving knocking noises on moderate road imperfections, in the front RHS suspension. This follows replacement of front disc pads and shock absorbers. No problem existed in the suspension, but my mechanic detected a very slow oil weep in shock absorbers during previous service, so I decided to replace them. I have now returned car 4 times, and in an effort to find the problem

  1. The new shocks were replaced again to make sure they were not faulty!  (Ultima brand)
  2. The top right suspension mounting plate was replaced in case the bushing was the cause
  3. The ball joint was replaced

All bolts bushings checked/tightened, wheel bearings, and disc pads seating checked too, but the beat goes on when the road is not smooth!.After the first visit there was a graunching noise, probably from the disturbed coils, but that did settle down after second visit.

Any ideas? Help!

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Hi Guys,

Further to my post on that knocking noise, after more testing, and thorough sway bay checkout, a suspension specialist has diagnosed a likely faulty engine mount? Very coincidental with replacement of shocks, but shall see the outcome in due course....

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      Newbie and proud owner of a '99 RX 300 with almost 210K miles. Have changed out engine, and transmission in the last 20K miles and recently replaced all mounts. There is a distinct popping sound emitting from the left wheel well when listening from the outside and a popping noise under and left of driver side when steering in tight spots like parking spaces or pulling out of my parking ramp and turning to access the street. Recently, because of the grease splatterred under the passsenger side and around the drive axle area, I got an auto repair shop to change out the right drive axle. This did not stop the popping noise. Further, I now have noticed a shimmy on the wheel at speeds above 60mph.
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