Valuation for low mileage IS300?

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A question for the IS experts out there...

I need to sell my single owner, low mile IS but not sure how to sell and how much to ask - any advice appreciated:

2003 IS300 sedan, auto - mostly the base package ; leather/suede combo seats, no navigation. Nice color combo: graphite w/ black interior. 2 interesting factory options that set it apart - chromed factory wheels (5 spoke) and the L-tuned rear spoiler, dealer installed and paint matched by crown lexus in CA. The spoiler looks SO much better than the standard and totally changes the look of the car. Not boy racer but small and fits body lines.

The condition of the car sets it apart - 28500 miles (yes actual, I am original owner), only adult owned and babied from new. Garaged 100%, looks and smells new inside and out, no dents scratches, never daily driven. Carefully "excercised" with no long term storage. 100% synthetic oil (Amsoil).

I'm in San Jose area and need to sell the car. It's not really a "collector" car but don't want to give it away either as it may be the cleanest IS300 in the country. Please let me know if you have ideas on what it would be worth or effective ways to sell this special IS. Thanks!

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I've sold a number of cars privately including a 1990 LS400 I bought new and a 2000 LS400 I bought off-lease at 3 years / 38000 miles.

If you want / need to sell your IS then it must be priced appropriately and even aggressively.  28,500 miles might seem great to you but this is still a base version of an entry level Lexus that has 15 year old technology.  Low miles isn't necessarily worth all that much more.  A friend of mine had a really nice 1979 Corvette that he bought new that he rarely drove and kept in perfect condition.  He seemed disappointed at how little it brought when he sold it in 1994.  I think he should have driven the $#!+ out of it and enjoyed it while he had it.

See what other similar IS300 are selling for in your area (e.g. on Autotrader, Craigslist).  You can't expect to get as much in a private sale as an auto dealer would.

The last bunch of our cars we've sold have gone to family and friends.  We literally have had waiting lines for our cast off vehicles.  Just this weekend a niece asked my wife if she could have our 2014 Sienna .... her brother got our Honda Accord.   Maybe a friend or family member or a child of one of those would be interested in buying your IS?

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Thanks LS,  true enough, the value may not be much.   My "need" to sell is more accurately a "want" to sell so I may spend a little time looking for a buyer that wants this type of auto.  I appreciated your comments.


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