Steering wheel vibration/shake

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Hi, I bought a new Lexus RX350 2 weeks back. Till last week I was driving in local roads and started driving on freeway this week. When I reach speeds of 60 mph and above I feel really bad shake/vibration of steering wheel. Initially I thought it might be related to the road surface and tried taking different freeways to test it. It is the same on all freeways I tried, there is more vibration if I go beyond 70 mph. I have another car which is Toyota camry and I took it on same freeways and it drives much smoother and I don't see much vibrations in the steering wheel.

Curious to know if anyone else has experienced with a new vehicle. Any inputs on this is appreciated.

I have called up the dealer and explained the issue. Got an appointment for Saturday.




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Warranty should cover it. Most likely the tires are uneven, they need either balancing or replacement

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    • By wineluver
      I have a 07 es350 with 155k and recently replaced the front struts, with the rear getting done next few weeks. Turns out i waited to long and all 4 tires were cupped. Driving out off the shop and onto a freeway had vibration coming from front and steering wheel, so replaced the front tires with two good spares ( that were mildly cupped), same brand and model, and vibration gone. Now I have the same issue OBwan had,  a slight vibration felt in the seat (not through the steering wheel)from 45mph and up that does not increase with speed, but goes away around 60mph. Also there when turning at speed, as when entering on-ramps etc. Although the rear tires are also cupped, I left them on until I can replace rear struts, then i will get a new set of four tires. My concern is that I read that the es350 has had front axle issues and I am worried that is what is causing the vibration. A. should i be concerned? B. can putting the car on a lift for visual inspection spot this issue? (concerned an enterprising mechanic will just tell me i need new axles, bad or not. Can you replace just one?) C. if it is an axle any recommendation on after market brand? At this point my plan was to first replace rear struts, then buy new set of Conti Pure Contacts, and if vibration persists, replace one or both axles. Any suggestions would be appreciated as this is getting expensive!
    • By jasanders
      I have a 2003 GX470 with around 155k miles. It recently started to get a front end shake which isn't horrible, but you definitely feel it pretty good. I know the rear air suspension has a small leak, but the bags stay inflated for the most part. It feels like it is coming from the front more than the rear. I brought it to the dealership and they said something about the CV boots and something with the steering column I believe. I don't have the sheet they gave me to read exactly what it said. Could either of these be the reason for the front end shake? Has anyone else experienced this and have some insight? I sure as heck do not want to pay the dealership to fix either of these as they charge an arm and a leg.
    • By 6n1Metallic
      So, my SC400 was leaking massive amounts of fluid from the pump straight onto the alternator I don't have the $200+ to buy a power steering pump, so I went ahead, purchased a rebuild kit and rebuilt my pump, slapped it on the car, filled it with fluid, turned the steering wheel about a million times with the reservoir cap off to purge it of air. Lowered the car down, start it up, turn the steering wheel and nothing. No power assist at all. I replaced my belt, my tensioner is on one of the marks and is not making any noise, also checked for possible leaks which I found none of, still no power steering and I desperately need my car for school and work! The power steering DID work BEFORE everything.
      The pump is making no noises and is spinning freely.
      Any, literally any suggestions will help!
      If it's my power steering pump after all, if anyone has a source for a cheap one, or are willing to sell me one please inbox me!
    • By Micahseth
      I have a '00 RX I bought a couple weeks ago. I have addressed 3 CEL and now they're all off. The other issue thats bothering me is something goofy with the steering. When turning left you get the normal 2+ rotations. When turning right you get exactly ONE rotation and it stops. So basically I can make necessary sharper turns when I need to, turning left, but turning right I'll have to back up and try again if I'm pulling into a parking space or something. Is this something that can be adjusted or has anyone experienced this before? THANKS!
    • By jRingo
      Hello all, I test drove a clean 02 ES 300 yesterday (looking for a clean, reliable car around $10k+/-). In my area, it's hard to find clean cars for this price. I could go with something new'ish like a Fit or an Accent, but I would prefer a used Lexus. In fact, I'm driving a 180k 97 ES 300 right now that has been solid as a rock over the last 85k.
      It was owned by an older woman who died somewhat suddenly about 1.5 years ago. Her daughter drove the car from 84k-to-its current 94.5k.
      The mother had it serviced at the Lexus of Portland dealer since new. I asked for a printout copy of maintenance receipts before my test drive and she had them there in the car. The copy wasn't a full printout with detailed service as some of it was cutoff or abbreviated. But, it was there and had a list of all service from 0-84k miles.
      The car was listed as excellent condition. Always garaged (from original owner; was sitting in driveway when I drove it). I asked to see the car do a cold-start up. It was definitely cold, as it had a few cob webs around the rear wheel arches. The car fired right up. The owner has a newer Altima and Ford Escape, so they don't really drive this car.
      Drove the car through town, through slightly higher speed back-roads at 45-55mph. I thought I noticed a slight vibration through the steering wheel.
      Then I hopped onto the freeway. Not really when accelerating, but when I let off the gas there was a very noticeable shaking of the steering wheel. It was almost shocking to me. I noticed the rear tires were noticeably less worn than the fronts, as if they hadn't been rotated in the last 10k+ miles.
      So what's the most likely culprit behind the steering wheel shaking at freeway speeds? More so when dropping the throttle?
      One thing of not, when looking through the service records there was a "vibration in steering wheel" noted at 12k miles. Again, the record were cut short from the dealer printout.
      I really, really like the car and made an offer if the vibration was remedied (we were thinking rotor or wheel balancing...).
      Anyone have ideas?