Driver Door Lock Actuator

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Hey guys,

I am fairly new here to the forum and thought I'd post my problem. I am a loyal Lexus owner and now have my first issue with my 2005 LS 430 with 90K miles. This Sapphire White beauty has been a dream car since day one and untill now, no issues what so ever.  Seems the actuator on my driver door will need to be replaced. From the research it seems to be the problem unless I am wrong?  When I'm sitting in the car and hit the internal door lock, all doors lock except the driver door lock and work fine. It is also a hassle because it won't lock when I use the remote smart key to lock the car. Because the driver doors won't lock the computer senses it and the alarm won't set, I get the warning beep alerting like a door ajar.  I have to manually lock the driver door before I exit, then I close the door then set the door lock/alarm. To unlock when returning to my car, I have to use the remote to roll down the window so I can reach inside to unlock the door because all doors unlock except my driver door. Now this is a Lexus and you Lexus owners know that this is unacceptable. Our cars are perfect in every way, they drive perfect, they look perfect and always work perfect. Lexus wants $1270 for the part and repair. Has anybody done this job as a DIY and if so, what problems had you had when doing it?  Been checking around for the price for the part and finding the cost to be between $300-$499  Would appreciate any information from other loyal owners out there and would appreciate any information to the fix had you done or had done. Thanks much all and will wait to hear back with any or all information to this issue,.


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K-Dog, I just took + hours this past Saturday and did it myself.  Cost $5 for the little motor purchased from Amazon Prime.

Was difficult but if you're methodical, it will be worth it and give you a real sense of pride.

Would have cost over $1000.  Check out the You Tube videos.

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Having same problem with door locks is there a model number of the replacement motor.. also I'm here in New Jersey any places that can do this.. even Philadelphia area..thanks 


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I've done both front doors, as they both eventually died. I used a $170 replacement on eBay, but it looks like you can just replace the electric motor for a lot less according to another poster above. It only takes a couple hours. Hardest part is wiggling the assembly out of the door.

What I can recall from memory:

Remove the door panel (I've seen other how-tos on doing this) and weather shield

Remove 2-3 bolts holding the actuator assembly to the door frame

Remove the 3 bolts holding the jamb on

Reach up in the door and disconnect the outer door handle

Disconnect the electrical harness

Wiggle the entire assembly out

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I replaced one on my LS430. Found the instructions on You tube site (rustbucketauto).

Got the part on Ebay - 10mm Flat Shaft FC-280PC-22125 - zinky86 (31740 )



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I'm having a similar issue with my driver's door as well. With mine however, it's intermittent. With mine, it fails when it gets hot out. In the mornings and evenings, the lock works fine, but in the heat of the afternoon, it doesn't. 

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So I replaced the driver's door over a year ago. The passenger more recently. Now the drive door is acting up again. Just like Chops mentions, when hot out it doesn't work. When colder it tends to work.

Had I mailed back my "core" to the eBay seller that I purchased both actuators from I would have had a lifetime warranty. Whoops. I'll try replacing just the motor this time.

IIRC, it took me about an hour to do the driver's door the first time. 30 minutes for the passenger side. However, I do have to disassemble the actuator itself to replace the motor but $5 < $170.

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