My 1998 ls400 speed sensor location

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My 1998 LS400 she's speed meter sometimes not working usually after few minute driving start working suddenly I think speed sensor not sensitive enough so I could just take  it out and clean with sensor cleaner or I have to replace that I like to know and of Couse where the speed sensor located somebody have some knowledge please help ! Thanks 

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Things are a bit more complicated. In order to send accurate speed signal to the cluster, following process is done in the ABS/TRC/VSC computer monitoring and processing 4 speed signals from FL, FR, RL and RR hubs.

1, When all 4 sensors are getting signals properly, averaged RL and RR speed signal is sent.

2, When either one of rear speed sensors is not getting the signal properly, the one getting the signal is sent.

3, When both rear speed sensors are not getting the signal properly, averaged FL and FR speed signal is sent.

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