Update navigation on 08 ls460

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I'd  love to get more accurate directions on my 10 year old navi system. What is the best and most cost effective way to update my navigation map?

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Yes, a update would be nice as many changes over the years. Unfortunately the only update I know is a new CD which costs +/- $500 from a dealer. The other solution is to use your smartphone Google Maps or other such app.


I cannot believe that auto manufacturers do not change to real time navigation such as Google maps. Navigations system is outdated on purchase of car by up to a year.

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I looked into a possible "DIY" way to do this and with out knowing someone at a dealer, it will be impossible.

If you search on ebay, you can find some USB drives that will update it, that is just a license file(a 4GB USB drive that only uses a few MB) BUT, you need the software that the dealer has to actually update it.  If you go into the delaer and order it (As I understand the current dealer in the US costs is $169.99, a lot less than the older models, YMMV) you get a USB drive that the dealer puts in his computer that connects to the car to assign a license to your software to upgrade it.

I picked a 2013 update on ebay ($20 or so) it was just the USB drive. it requires software that the dealer has, no 3rd party or underground way (trust me, I know the underground on this stuff and it's not available there). I've never called a dealer to see if they would INSTALL my 2013 upgrade... but, I don't foresee them doing it.

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Believe you would be much better off financially & way ahead technically by just using GPS on Google Maps app on phone or eevenApple maps. Prhaps in a gew years car manufacturers will just use Google as do the phones.


Good luck & save $$$$'s

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No question...  I use Waze a lot but, having a updated Navi, also upgrades the Gracenote so I can save newer albums to the HD in my 2007. It's so dumb that the system can read CD-TEXT discs and show data but, when you save it to the HD, it does not keep that data.

Only reason I wanted to upgrade to a 2013 or above, as they finished moving a major bridge that I travel over every day. So when I am driving the factory nav shows I am flying over water.... It's kind of dumb and my OCD wants it addressed but, not for $170 (cheaper than the LS430 was)

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