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Is This Normal


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I had a couple of questions about my 92 SC300 (110000mi.),

1) It makes a continuous dripping, clicking sound after the engine is turned off, this lasts for a good 15 to 20 min. I understand, this could be the car just cooling off, but I don’t notice it so much on other cars also it’s not that loud on other cars, is this normal?

2) When I bought the car 2 weeks ago the dealer informed me that they had just changed the brake pads that same day. After two days or so it started making a screeching sound, this happens often, specially if I am going slow and I hit the brakes, is this also normal?


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Neither of your obseervations sound normal. I would wonder about the ticking noise being an electric cooling fan relay. Have the brakes checked; would not expect them to be noisy unless there is grit or something stuck between the pad and the rotor or some other problem. Get it checked while the car is still under some sort of dealer warranty. And I'd get a second opinion if the dealer tried to slough me off.

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Actually, they are very normal. The SC heat shields on the exhaust expand and contract louder than any other car I've noticed. My 1993 would clikc and ting just like that after I turned it off. Just the same as several others I have been across. Remove the heat sheilds and it won't do it anymore. My 95 has a full exhaust system with no shields except the ones mounted to the body and off the pipes and mufflers. The cooling fan on the SC is not electric.

Two possibilities on the brakes:

a) the dealer did not put anit squeal grease between the shims and pads when the job was done. This will result is loud and annoying squealing brakes. Happens alot of times when the grease ain't there. Happened to me until I started doing my own brakes.

b ) the pads need to be replaced and the wear indicators are hitting the rotors. If you know how to inspect the pads you can take the wheels off and have a look see. Otherwise, you could have it checked out. Wouldn't be a bad idea to be on the safe side.

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That made feel a lot better, I was mainly concerned about the ticking sound. Thanks alot HRP & AWJ

Didn't realize that you didn't have an electric fan. Still, if the car is under a warranty, I'd check out the ticking since yours is "louder" than any other you've ever heard. And definitely check out the brakes. You'd hate to see that 30 day or whatever the dealer said expire and then find a problem. Thanks for educating me re: ticking noises AWJ.

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