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2003 Is300 Noises

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has anyone experienced odd noises when starting and turning off car? i have a 2003 is300 that has recently started making odd noises that i have not heard before.

example 1: left the car outside under the sun for about an hour. started the car and drove home which was 10 min away. the AC is on during this trip. turned off car when i got home and right afterwards there is this buzzing (like a power surge type noise) noise from under the hood that lasts for maybe 2-3 sec. this scenario seems to be consistent and i can replicate it by leaving the car outside under the sun long enough to where the car is pretty warm inside. then drive a short distance and have it do it again.

example 2: turning the key in the ignition and right before cranking the engine you hear a series of clicks from the relay/fuse box and a buzz afterwards somewhere from the engine. this i can replicate too.

sometimes i even here odd noise right after i start the car...and it's not the same noises from the above.

i took it to the dealership 3 times already. they said that they found nothing wrong and that all these noises are normal. and they compared it to other is300s. i find it hard to believe because it doesn't explain why i have not heard these noises before (my car is almost a yr old) not to mention that i asked a friend of mine that has a 2004 is300 and he says his car has no noises like that.

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I know that my car likes to make this whirring noise, other than that, I haven't heard any other noise from it. If you have warranty on your car, you shouldn't worry and keep taking it back to the dealership. Its a good idea to make good relations with someone in the service department because then they are better with helping you every time you come in.

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