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We traded in our '07 es 350 on a cpo '14 es 350. After a few weeks driving in our Florida heat my wife and I found that our '07 seats did a much better job of cooling. We went to the dealer today and talked to one of the service advisors about the issue. She never heard of this and suggested we sit in another car to compare. I than asked her to check the service bulletins for our car and there was indeed a bulletin with our problem stated exactly. She ordered the repair parts and set us up with a repair date. This issue only effects the 2013 and 2014 models.  So if you have one and feel that the ventilated seats aren't doing the job it can be fixed. 

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Bigbill, thank you for posting this!  I realize that you posted almost a year ago, but it is still very much appreciated.  I had a loaner car from the dealer several years ago (around 2007), and the ventilated seats were wonderful in the Texas summer.  I originally had  2002 ES300 at the time without ventilated seats, but I recently purchased a 2013 ES350 with ventilated seats, and they are VERY disappointing. They are nothing like I remembered from the (new at the time) 2007 that I drove.  It seems that something inside the seat material has been crushed and pinches off the air flow.  When I lift my weight off of the seat, it gets a little bit of flow that I can feel on the bottom seat.  However, when I sit down, virtually all flow through the bottom cushion stops.

Does anyone know the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) number for this?  My car is a CPO, and I'd like to contact the dealer to address this issue.

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