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'92 Vintage Cellular Car Phone

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the car i bought has a '92 car phone that works perfectly. when i call Verizon to activate the phone, they tell me that they don't start new accounts by activating analog phones. They tell me that the phone cannot be activated by them

Has anyone faced this challenge to get a working car phone ????

i love the unit.. the speakers and microphone work perfectly. i actually talked to the Verizon Customer Service, *611. I couldn't believe how well it worked.

thanks in advance. geoff

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You might try searching old posts on this forum for information. Several members have reported that cell phone companies have activated their old Lexus analog phones because they already had an account (one or more other phones) with them. Some people say that they forward calls from their hand hand digital phones to their Lexus phone when they get into their cars. Sounds like a hassle to me but whatever "floats your boat". There are lots of very nice car kits for handheld phones that, like mine, can voice and speed dial, auto answer and hang up, and be hooked up to mute the radio when a call comes in or is made.

When I bought an LS in 1990, I had a non-Lexus fixed phone installed in the console. It looked and worked like the Lexus phone but did not have steering wheel controls and it had a separate speaker under the dash. I thought it was a hassle to have to open the console every time I needed to dial a number. I put up with this phone for 10 years and wished I had bought a handheld phone and car kit sooner.

But I still like the idea of the steering wheel controls so I just bought one ($200) to see if I can make it perform at least some limited functions with my Nokia car kit.

Here is a link to how I installed my phone car kit in my 2000 LS (it is a 1/2 meg Word document):

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