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2015 RC-350. 2 Topics:  

1st  - Rattles driving down the road.  Dealership told me it's normal for the RC to rattle while driving.  Received a call from Service manager who also told me it's normal.  Although for the first 20K miles no rattles were present.  Normal for a car with abundance of miles.  They're telling me it's the brake system, which is comforting as I hope it doesn't malfunction while I'm driving the car.

2nd - Steering wheel locks while driving down the highway pulling the car left.  Dealer told me was either the grooves on the highway or my lane assistance, makes sense, although it's happens on any highway I drive and if I had lane assistance built into the car, which I don't.  Again dealer could not give me a answer.  

Anyone else having these problems?  According the the service manager he's telling me these are common problems with the RC

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