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Front door speakers not working

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Car's front door speakers are not working and I wanna identify the problem and possibly resolve it. All other speakers work well except the ones on the front doors. 

BTW its a 1999 RX 300.

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Hi David and welcome.

These are just a shot in the dark but I hope they might help.

The first is a short in a wiring harness...

A blown fuse to a part of the amplifier....

A bad amplifier...

Crossover failure....

any other SWAG!  lol

I don't know whether the power to the amp is divided or just one path. In the 90's Lexus used primarily Pioneer or Nakamichi (sp) stereos. In most cases the amplifier was mounted under the passenger seat, the glove box, or the trunk. With an RX, I really don't know where the amplifier was placed.

Please come back and let us know what you find.


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Thanks a lot for the reply's. One of my friends suggested that the problem is most probably with the wires. I wanted to find out if the wires can get detached from the speakers? Is it possible? 


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      Just bought a sweet used 2013 ES 300h which I love however the stock stereo is underwhelming. Coming from an '09 Camry Hybrid with a JBL package (which was pretty good, great bass).
      This is the nicest car I have owned so far and I would like to avoid putting an actual sub and amp in the truck and dicking around with wiring etc. I would like to get alittle more bass out of the system though and hope that this can be done by upgrading the rear deck woofers.
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      So sorry I'm New and need help! I own a 91' LS400  Out of nowhere driving down the road my speakers cut out but then they were fine, then only the driver side worked the next day, about a week later only the tweeters work. It's been a week or two and I've used headphones since. Does anyone have a quick fix and can help diagnose the problem. i have checked the fuses, and all are fine. I have installed a new stereo(aftermarket) and it clicked the sound through all speakers and then stopped, now only the tweeters work, I NEED MY MUSIC BACK!!!!
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      1. Two OEM refoamed rear seat speakers
      86160-0w430 6760 RH and 86160- ow440 6838 LH
      2. One OEM refoamed front door speaker 6x9

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      I have a 2004 Lexus RX330 which has a Mark Levinson sound system. The problem is that the front two speakers sound like they are blown especially the right front one. So I was thinking about replacing the speakers myself instead of taking it to Lexus and paying them $700.00 for one speaker lol.
      Would anyone be able to tell me the ohms and everything for those front speakers? I was told that I need to have speakers with the same Ohms and Ampers so I don't run the risk of blowing the amp.
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    • By Tom and Terri
      For those of you who have found a scratchy noisce coming from your subwoofer or have been told that this speaker needs to be replaced, I have a possible very easy solution. Most of the older cars will have a problem with the outer edge of the subwoofer foam losing the attachment to the speaker frame. Once this happens the cone will not move up and down in a linear path creating an annoying noise that sounds like scratching. Replacing this speaker is very expensive.
      The solution is to get some silicone sealant in a tube with a very fine tip and drop a line of cement between the frame of the speaker and the outter edge foam surrounding the speaker. Clearly there is not a lot of room in which to work so have a mirror handy to see the areas where you cannot directly see what you are doing. Take your time and use just enough material to fill in the space between the outter edge of the speaker and the frame. The silicone bead should be less than an eight of an inch or about 4-5mm. Let the silicone set well, so don't turn on the radio for at least 12 hrs. This simple solution will fix 90% of the subwoofer problems that you may encounter unless you are a rock head and play your system at ear shattering levels rountinely.
      Good Luck
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