Once Again- Lexus most reliable!

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Here are the Stats from J D Power for reliability as it stands againts all other makes. The computations are drawn from occurrences per 100 units.

Do you thin these results are accurate? 

Please people, Tell us what you think.

Do you have any suggestions?






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14 hours ago, sha4000 said:

That link just takes me to an AOL login page.

Sorry Craig. The above original post has been corrected. Thanks for the heads us.

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Nice, my LS400 circa 1992 is giving me electrical issues out the ***, I am having to install a new main relay for all interior electronics (minus doors since they are on another relay), I am also replacing my odometer and having it rolled to a correct calculation as its broken, replacing the failed A/C controls, and replacing the stock stereo as 75% of it has failed (including the antenna).

It's a 25 year old car with around 87,500 miles on it (odometer currently reads 87,385 and the last CarFax update was from a Lexus dealership 2 years ago just before the original owner was placed into hospice where his car sat in the garage for approximately 1.5 years.

That being said, the only major issues with the car in terms of mechanical reliability are the Alternator being killed by a leaking power steering pump (if your leaks) as it sits directly over the alternator which was a poor design idea in hindsight.

Given the issues I am dealing with, the knowledge that is out on the web in mass numbers, plus the near legendary reputation that Lexus has for reliability, I would say the numbers are correct, or very very very close at worst.

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