New 1996 LS400 California Owner

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I just purchased a 1996 LS400 with 166,000 miles for $2900 dollars. It appears to be close to mint condition. I am looking for help on what kind of maintenance I will need in the coming months and years for it. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Check that alternator, they are known to get killed by the power steering fluid dripping onto them, on that note also check the power steering system, and the A/C system is a known complaint across the LS400 series.

Other than that, make sure you change out the fuel filter as I am quite sure its never been done, most never do change it out. I prefer a synthetic oil, I like AMSOIL but it can be hard to find and its expensive. I also like Valvoline Full Synthetic High Mileage oil, as its good oil, affordable, sold at just about every Walmart, and make sure its not the Synthetic Blend one there is a big difference.

Be sure to check the brake fluid not only its level but its color and viscosity against fresh brake fluid, this will help you know if it needs to be changed. Also check the transmission fluid for its color and if there are any metal deposits, this will help you determine if the transmission is having issues. Check the radiator coolant when the radiator is COLD, check the color, if its brown and nasty you need to do a flush and replace the fluid, if its a light green/pink (yes some coolant companies use pink in their antifreeze) then you are good. Check the serpentine belts for any excessive cracking and frayed ends, this means they need to be replaced. Try to find out when the timing belt was last changed (mileage), this is an expensive procedure for maintenance.

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