Ron Oldschool Smith

Power steering LS400 1991

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My LS 400 power steering seems to. E in highway mode all the time I have replaced the rack n pinion the power steering pump and have had a couple of times the steering is amazing for about an hour then it goes right back to Hwy mode and stays like that for months 

any ideas would be very appreciated 

thanks Ron 

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    • By Nyelation
      I had a progression of problems New Years Eve that eventually led to abandoning the car.  First, the cruise control would not function properly in a slowdown zone on I69.  Second, I noticed the power steering was gone.  I exited the highway and pulled over into a Target parking lot.  On the way, my inside electrical functions, radio, heat, display, etc... began shutting down one by one.  I had no indication of an electrical problem at the time, only the symptoms.  The headlights eventually went out but I was able to get the car parked.
      The next day I got the car started after charging the battery.  I reasoned my alternator may have been out and I was surviving on battery power.  Later in the day the battery acted as if it were drained.  The battery has been tested (only 1 year old) and it checks out fine.  My local mechanic in my small town cannot get me in until next week. 
      I have no codes or anything else to go on.  But any insight into my problems is appreciated.
    • By TimingSpd
      I posted this on another forum, but figured I could get some fresh opinions here as well. I've serached high and low, but have not found any record of a similar problem
      To make a long story short, I had the motor and transmission mounts on my 98 Ls400 replaced by a mechanic (I was short on time), who also replaced an unspecified PS hose due to it breaking in the process.
      I don't drive this car much, but the next few times i drove it I noticed steady plumes of white smoke on startup and for minutes after, which I attributed to the PS ACV (no visable PS leaks, losing small amounts of fluid). I replaced the valve with a stubby oil plug (shorter than the ACV threads). I then topped off the PS reservoir due to losing fluid in the process. Upon starting the car with the reservoir cap closed (bad idea), the steering made noise, so I opened the cap, at which point I was greeted with a intermittent, regularly timed spray (read: geyser) of ATF. I'm talking 6-8" plumes of fluid.
      I've since removed the return line from the reservoir to test that the return is indeed coming from the return line (it is), but now I'm stumped. I'm assuming I was burning quite a bit of ATF from the ACV, and now it is simply being rerouted to the reservoir. Perhaps the mechanic reinstalled the unspecified PS hose incorrectly, but I'm not sure how it could be working enough to close the loop but partially blocking the flow. Thoughts?
    • By 6n1Metallic
      So, my SC400 was leaking massive amounts of fluid from the pump straight onto the alternator I don't have the $200+ to buy a power steering pump, so I went ahead, purchased a rebuild kit and rebuilt my pump, slapped it on the car, filled it with fluid, turned the steering wheel about a million times with the reservoir cap off to purge it of air. Lowered the car down, start it up, turn the steering wheel and nothing. No power assist at all. I replaced my belt, my tensioner is on one of the marks and is not making any noise, also checked for possible leaks which I found none of, still no power steering and I desperately need my car for school and work! The power steering DID work BEFORE everything.
      The pump is making no noises and is spinning freely.
      Any, literally any suggestions will help!
      If it's my power steering pump after all, if anyone has a source for a cheap one, or are willing to sell me one please inbox me!
    • By lildickyII
      1999 LS400 With NO power steering AT ALL after series of events.
      The car started leaking PS fluid many months ago. It was gradual and manageable until about one month ago when the leaking got more severe. The car was recently given to me by my father. He had been putting Power Steering fluid in it to top off when it would get low. He lost the owners manual and I had no idea it was supposed to be ATF instead of PS fluid until diving into this repair.
      Symptoms before partial PS pump seal replacement:
      -Leaving large puddles on driveway
      -When fluid would get low, the pump would make noises
      -The power steering ALWAYS WORKED, however. Never cut out.
      It got to the point that I decided to start figuring this out. Found that it was leaking from the reservoir cap, hoses from the reservoir and the notorious o-ring inside the pump on the main send hose nipple from the reservoir. I decided to replace the hoses, cap and put new o-rings in the pump. I did not remove the main parts of the pump meaning the bearings and everything inside, just the other o-rings. Put the pump back together and reinstalled. Filled the system with ATF this time and attempted to bleed the system.
      Here are the symptoms currently:
      -NO power steering AT ALL, EVER. Not with high revs, not while driving. NOTHING
      -No more bubbles come up in the reservoir when trying to bleed (I think it's bled)
      -The pump does not make noise anymore
      I am about to check the solenoid for blockage and that it is still clicking. I have read all the forums with PS issues and none of them seem to make sense for my car. Before doing anything, everything worked all the time--it just leaked. Afterward, it doesn't work AT ALL. For the ACV, the PS control module, the solenoid (any one of them or a combination) to fail right now seems to be too coincidental for me to believe. I should add that I cracked open one of the brake line style lines on the rack to make sure the ATF did in fact make it through the system and it has.
      Is it possible for the valve thing with the spring (that goes inside the high pressure bolt) to be reinstalled in a wrong direction that would inhibit flow of fluid? Could the switch of fluids cause any of these failures to happen? I'm really stumped here so any logical insight or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! PLEASE HELP! Thank you
    • By MTaco2013
      Hi everyone.
      I have a 2001 Lexus RX300 with 214,000 miles on it. We replaced all the belts on it at 200,000 miles. At that point, the lights for my power steering belt came on, but the car ran great and we assumed that it was because of doing the work ourselves. About a year later, I began to hear a squeaking noise when I started my car. At first it was just for a second and I didn't think much of it. It has gotten progressively worse. When we examined the car, it appeared that the power steering belt was loose. We tightened it, but the squeaking continued (maybe because of a bearing?) Then, my power steering began to go out. Finally, it went out completely. From what I understand, I might need to replace the entire power steering apparatus. Has anyone had to deal with this? Am I missing something or am I going to have to replace my power steering? Would using an aftermarket belt cause this much trouble? Any advice you could offer would be great!