Accelleration Hesitation and Delay 2015 RX350

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Shortly after taking delivery of the car I began to notice on an intermittent basis a 2-3 second pause when I attempted to accelerate from a low speed to a higher one or from a stop.  After focusing on the circumstances in which it arose, I realized that it occurred most often on city streets  when I was attempting to accelerate out of a slow turn and almost stop or drive up a residential hill, or simply to move away from a light without coming to a complete stop . It happens less after completely stopped but does exibit the same problem. 
After attempting a  turn from a slowed position, putting pressure on the accelerator, and experiencing a delay in acceleration that nearly caused me to be broadsided. Appears that transmission either does not downshift and is still in higher gear or shifts too early and then  let my foot off of the accelerator and reaccelerate there is a 3-4 second delay and then it drops down to lower gear eventually after 3 or 4 seconds. and accelerates


So far two dealers have not been able to identify. IT happens more prevalently when turning right, but other times as well.  

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Even though I have a RC 350 (not a RX 350), I have had a similar experience.  For me, it was when traction control kicked in.  The motor loses some power and acts like a hesitation in acceleration.  I started paying attention to the dashboard when in those scenarios that would exhibit the issue.  That is when I saw the traction control light come on.  I would say it was more of a 1-2 second delay before accelerating hard again.  

Have you taken a look at the dash during the time the issue occurs?  Have you tried to turn off traction control and see if the problems occurs?  Hope this helps...

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