Rear brakes keep going out?

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If have a 2000 gs 300. I've owned it for about 5 years, now has 200k miles on it. In the past year I have replaced my rear brake pads 4 times. 45 days ago new rotors, calipers and pads, they are worn down again.  

I thought I may have gotten cheap pads so last time I bought upgraded ebc pads and discs and they only lasted 45 days. Thought it might be my master cylinder going out but this only happens to rear brakes and not front breaks, so not sure. In the 45 days I drove about 4000 miles. Any ideas?  I don't drive hard. 

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Hi...welcome to the Forum

That sounds rather strange as normally the bias on braking is to the front brakes not the rears.

I can imagine it is one of two things...

1. There is excess weight in the trunk which is loading the brake compensator valve and putting the bias to the rear brakes - or the valve is seized/defective.

2. The calipers/sliders or handbrake mechanism are seized and dragging the rear brakes

Please keep us updated with what you eventually find to be the problem.

Cheers  Trevor

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      2 different issues here. I have a 2001 rx300 with 176k.  
      Issue 1:  Recently I had my exhaust completely replaced.  After it was replaced, I noticed it was hesitating to accelerate. Doesn't do it all the time but noticeable. Did not happen prior to exhaust replacement.
      Issue 2:  At the same time I have noticed it was hard to break. Breaks got really hard to stop. Sometimes at a full stop and car in gear after about 10 secs or so the break pedal wold push a little further down. As if some pressure was released. I checked fluid and thats good. No leak from calipers. Pumped breaks when car was off until it got hard.  Turned car on and got travel of the break pedal, so I assume my booster and MC are still functioning.  Any help would be appreciated.