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8 hours ago, Trevor Catt said:

This video does not play for me.....anyone else?

I had a friend test it and it worked fine. I also went into "incognito" mode with my Chrome browser and was able to watch it as a guest (not logged-in). What browser are you using and what type of computer/device (Windows, Apple, Andriod, iPhone/iPad, Chromebook?)

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I take our cars to Discount Tire, sit back, have a cup of coffee and relax while the rotation is done for free.

I have rotated tires, over the years but not anymore. If you're not getting underneath the car, you don't need the jack stands if the vehicle is on level ground.

By the way, the video opened perfectly for me. I have Windows 10 and Edge (the fastest browser of the bunch).

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    • By jr4115
      Changed from stock rims to 17"'s on my 1996. Had, in hand, a chart which indicated changing from the stock size to a lower profile (55's) would make less than a 2% difference in my speedometer indicated and my GPS real time speed.  Well this is not the case. At 60 on the GPS, needle reads 40 in the dash. Think that's a tad bit more than 2%. Speedometer doesen't even start moving till about 15 mph.
      In reading on-line, I thought the transmission, with the  analog dash, still reads pulses thru the cpu but was told that this is not the case and, although, accessing the "brain" and actually (with the proper scanner) putting in the current tire size, adjustments can be brought back into line. According to a 20 year Toyota/Lexus tech, this cannot be done this way.
      20 mph off is a big difference. Anyone who has had a similar problem and have come up with a solution and could pass along the best possible fix would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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      So I got a flat tire on my 1995 ls400. I'm trying to pull out the spare tire but it's held in place by this black knob. It looks like it can be turned but I've been trying to turn it with tools for an hour but it's barely budged. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll try to post a picture.

    • By lambition
      Does anyone have uneven wear problem in front tires.
      Inner tread of both front tires are wearing much faster than rest of tire.
      It happened to original tire car came with. It was so bad, it was showing threads inside tire, while outside still had good amount of tread. Attached picture shows how old tire was like.
      Tought something was wrong with allignment and changed tires and did wheel alignment. I was told it was not off by much.
      It has been about 10000 miles now, and I began to see inner side of both front tires are wearing faster again.
      Is this common problem with IS250?
      Is something broken?
      The shop I did alignment didn't do it right? (They did not give me alignment print out saying their printer is broken. )

    • By Cachimaru
      Hi All, I'm new to the forums and would love some help. My loaded '04 RX330 has 190k and it's been a tank for me. Best car I ever owned by far. Recently the left rear wheel height has been fluctuating: sometimes riding higher than the other tires, sometimes lower, sometimes the same. No indicator lights comes on and the car runs perfectly normally otherwise, except for not absorbing bumps and potholes as nicely when the wheel height is off. It must look funny from behind, though. Both the Manhattan and South Hampton Lexus dealers have 'fixed' the problem according to what the computer tells them, but since the REAL problem isn't telling the computer that something is wrong, there is no way to fix it, even though the car clearly has a problem when you look at it. I literally can't afford to have the dealers throw darts at the problem until it's fixed...10k later. So, I'd love any thoughts on how to proceed and perhaps if there is a reputable independent Lexus mechanic in the Long Island/Hamptons area who actually figures out problems like mechanics used to do, I'd love to know about him. Picture shows car slightly slanting downward to left while parked.
      Thanks in advance for any advice.
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