CT200h Engine Knocking at cold start

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I experienced a terrible engine noice on my CT200h 2011 102,000 kms at cold start...

Dec. 27th 2016, I experienced engine knocking at cold start (cold soak is the vocabulary used by Lexus) for at least 30 seconds.. The day after, I had an appointment for Air Bag recall and I mentionned the issue.

Jan. 6th 2016, my dealer, accepted to change engine mount under Canadian TSB L-TCI-3115 (US T-SB-0204-11). I mentionned to my dealer that following my web research, the intake might need to be replaced - as a permanent solution following blog comments - under Canadian TSB L-TCI-3172 (US L-SB-0004-13), but dealer mentionned it was now obsolete.

Feb. 1st 2017, was a cold morning (-16 Celcius), and I decided to record my engine start-up and it it happened! The video recorded is the one posted here. https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=J2tLd87q9Po

Feb.6th 2017, I contacted the closest Toyota dealer to have my EGR valve and injectors; they told me they'd never perform that kind of work on a Prius. So I contacted another closer Lexus dealer, since they gave me a hint about injectors cleaning. They confirmed there's a new TSB L-TCI-3635 from Dec.5t 2016 to clean a valve to cool exhaust gas (I guess it's the EGR valve), reprogram ECU (I think)... 2,5h time and multiple gaskets, waiting for their estimate. They told me it's no covered by the powertrain warranty! 

Anyone experienced the issue and got their car repair under that TSB? Did it sole the issue?

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