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    • By StuLaFish
      Just wondering if anybody has experience selling a CT200h?
      And/or if there is a good place to find serious buyers?
      And/or if anybody knows anybody looking for a PRISTINE 2012, totally maxed-out LOADED???
    • By aer168
      Good Afternoon!
      Brand new here just picked up my brand new 2014 CT200H last week.
      Only one issue thus far. I have a Moto X (XT 1060) Mobile Device. On the Lexus site after inputting all the correct information, it states that I should have full compatibility with my Text Messaging through Bluetooth. My phone pairs correctly and the contacts and calls work very well. My SMS do not load onto the screen. No matter what settings I check, it says messages could not be loaded.
      Any ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?