Old man needs help. Heater control unit

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Thank you for stopping and maybe you can help me with my 1992 Lexus LS400.

It was cold, so I turned the heat all the way up and pressed the high fan button. Worked good.

When I went to shut it off, NOTHING. I smelled something burning. Only way to shut off the heater and fan is to turn off the car, or pull the 15 amp fuse associated with the heater.

Took the climate control unit heat/air out, opened up the box and found a diode burnt, a little round thing with a wire on each end attached to the circuit board.

Bought a unit online reconditioned with new bulbs for the date/.time/temp and when plugged in, the date comes on, then fades away in 5 seconds. No other lights or any buttons on the unit works.

Plugged in my old unit and the heater blows hot air on high fan, but the off button does not work, nor any other buttons.

Called the place where I bought the reconditioned unit and told them I think the unit they sent is bad. They said, no, the unit was good and that since the date comes on and fades away, I need to change the heater blower resistor.

Anyone out there ever dealt with this issue???

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Since my 92 read out is dark !!!!! And since I thought the 1990 and 1991 is the same unit, there is only time and heat temperature there is no date.

So I wonder if you have a unit from a newer car?  Is the display divided? If so it is the wrong unit. How long have you had this car?

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PROBLEM FIXED. 2/16/2017 1992 LS400

My climate control module went bad. A diode was burned on the inside circuit board.

Wife took the shift panel off first, then worked her way up the center dash and took out the climate control module with ease (God I love her).

Called TANIN AUTO ELECTRONIX at 262-456-4147 located at 7012 Highway 31, Suite 100 in Racine, Wisconsin 53402 and spoke with Meredith Albrecht.

She sent me a new re-conditioned module for $204.98 came in 3 days by UPS ground.

She also asked me if I would like "brighter" or "colored" lights in the unit, rather than the original lights that came with the car. I did opt for the original bulbs, but I understand that they specialize in 1990-to present, customized gauge clusters, speedometers, climate control units, and custom LED different color conversions, stepper Motors, digital clock, overhead compass, odometer correction and gauge cluster programming.

Wife plugged the unit in, it worked fine, then wife commenced to put the center dash back together which included the new re-conditioned climate control module AND a new radio with a USB Drive/CD/DVD player which has a big screen (God I love her!)





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