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So I have a 2006 Lexus ES330 with 83,000 miles.  It's been a great car so far.  I have noticed the acceleration slip that most people talk about but I'm ok with that.  I just had a new  battery put in three days ago under warranty because  my battery of less than two years completely died. I also had my inspection done at the same time and passed. According to Firestone they tested  my alternator and it was fine.   So now three days later I am driving and my car goes nuts like it's having a power surge, I can tell the accelerator isn't engaging, the dash lights (brake, ABS, check engine and a faint battery light) come on and my air starts blowing super high, then low and does this about 3 times before I shut it off.  I parked the car and after about 1 min all the dash lights go off but the check engine light.  I go to auto zone and have them run a diagnostic and it shows my vehicle speed sensor caused the check engine light to come on. Well that doesn't explain the power surge and my speedometer (which is usually the first to go if the sensor is bad) is working fine.  Any ideas???

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Pep Boys, AutoZone, and similar are in business to sell parts, and they do DTC code scans as a free service to hopefully sell those parts. Unfortunately their expertise and the kind of low level scanners they use don't get to the specifics needed in some situations, such as you experienced.

You need to get the car to a good mechanic with professional scanning aids that can zero in on the actual cause of the code. They alone can point to bad circuits, under voltages, ohm readings out of specification and so on. As a last resort, even a Lexus dealership, but be prepared to pay a much higher shop labour rate. Good Luck!

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      Any help in fixing my climate control appreciated.
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      Hey Guys,
      After turning on the a/c you can feel the engine idle down (a/c clutch engaging) and after a few seconds the "Check air conditioning" message starts to flash on the Nav screen. I checked all fuses and even replaced the a/c clutch relay with no luck. I also ran the a/c diagnostics on the Nav screen and got no error codes. 
      So I decided to take it to the shop this morning. 10 minutes after I dropped the car off the mechanic called and said I need to come back as they already found that the compressor was seized up. I was hoping that wouldn't be the problem but I kind of figured it was after what I was seeing during my troubleshooting. 
      Now I am being told that since the compressor has failed that I will probably have to replace the entire system... a/c compressor, all lines, evaporator, condenser, valves... everything! The master mechanic said that because the compressor failed it has probably introduced metal particles into the system. He said there is no filter or anything to catch these particles in this 2007 GX470 a/c system and it can't be flushed. Replacement is the only option.
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