Brake pad/caliper spring clip

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Hello everyone.

I've just regostered here as google isn;t being that much help.

I've recently replaced the pads all round on the GF's RX400h and need to source the springy-clip that holds the brake pads in place. When I did the swap I noticed that one clip (the near-side rear caliper) was deformed and out of shape. This made it difficult to fit one pad to that rotor and I am sure that it it affecting the pads release following braking.


I'm paranoid that this could cause an MOT| failure (due to uneven braking) and would like to source a replacement before submitting the car for the MOT test.

I'm struggling to find the part (number) that I need and have been unable to get hold of the service manual.


Thanks in advance for all your assistance






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ok, from scouring the famaous auction site, I;ve found a compler kit (including pads and rotors) but I only need these clips in the cropped photo.


Please, can anyone supply the part numbers needed to order these clips? (or just the correct item name will help)

lexus brakew clips.JPG

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Brake Pads Clip - Lexus (04947-48050)

about $12 at Lexus.

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