vsc, trac. off and check engine lights altogether

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Hi guys,

I've been a member of this reputable forum for a while now, and i want it to share this as a small gesture of gratitude.

coming home one night and parking the car as always ,and suddenly it was like Christmas came early to my dashboard.

vsc light, trac light, this circle between two brackets , and the big C (check engine) all came on at the same time.

i tried to put the car in gear as it was on Park, and a peeping sound came on and a message asking me to put the car in P shift position.!!!!!!!!!!!!


i was baffled and i suspected the gear GOD forbids, and i had a misty idea that a loose fuel cap will trigger this symptoms but i had to check it in the morning , and it was the same movie  all over again.

Anyway i opened the fuel tank and tightened it up till I heard a click for three times.

i started the car again with no change and as you can see i was really frustrated at this point .

i left it for a couple of hours out of frustration and went to wok then i came back and started the car .......Shazam everything returned back to normal.

and the LOOSE FUEL CAP  was really the culprit as  all experts agreed here.


N.B: the beeping sound was coz i put the car on gear while the driver's door was open and of course the occuring message was of the same reason , as you see i was really panicking.......


Thanks and I hope this will help someone .






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Thanks for sharing this with us....its always good to hear that suggestions from members do actually work and even better when there is no cost involved

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    • By John Aguilar
      As I came out of a tight turn and accelerated, the engine hesitated and lost power but kept running.  The check engine and automatic steering control (ASC) lights illuminated and stayed on.  I limped off the highway, drove to a safe stopping place with limited power (especially up hill) and turned off the engine.  When I restarted the engine all cautions were cleared and the engine ran fine.  Diagnosis revealed condition code P0300, random cylinder misfires, but the engine continues to run fine.  Are the ASC light illumination and random misfires related to each other and to the tight turn event?  What is the likely cause?
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      im new in the Forum and live in Europe. I drive my Lexus LS430 since 3.5 Years. As you can probably read im not a native English but i will try my best.
      Ive got an Error on my Boardcomputer. It only say Check VSC. As far asi know this is an Error wich has an other root. I checked i with the Lexus guys and we found an Error on the OBD wich says that there is a valve damaged on the Air intake. As far as i understood him right, there is an valve wich swich on and off the last 2 Cylinders in a higher RPM Range.
      Now i do not exactly understand the reason for this valve and i also do not know under wich Name i can search something like this. Do you have any suggesteon, where i can find some explanation about that valve, and Probably a spare Part?
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    • By Austin Isikhuemen
      Happy to join the club forum. Read previous contributions on several subjects including VSC indicator light on issues. Glad to have you guys with loads of experiences to share.
      I am based in Nigeria but just bought a US used ES 350 2009. Drove the car yesterday and it was sweet to handle, to say the least. 
      Will be glad to share my experiences with you folks going forward. 
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      Greetings Folks: 
      Over a week ago we brought our ’06 RX330 in for service to replace a fitting on the engine that had been leaking coolant, eventually causing overheating. 
      We got it back a day later, and it ran fine. However, this past Tuesday, the CEL (Check Engine Light), VSC and TRAC OFF lights came on, all at the same time, and have remained lit since. 
      I dug on the internet to find some solutions and/or troubleshooting, and was met with quite a bit of information. However, I wanted to ask any RX330 owners here if they have experienced the same thing. 
      In the meantime, I took the following troubleshooting steps:
      I checked the fuel cap to make sure it wasn’t loose. As a further safeguard, I bought a new one ($15) and put it on. CEL remained on, as did the VSC and TRAC OFF.  I went to Pep Boys to have them scan and pull a code. It read P0420: (Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)). Now, this same site lists a whole series of tests to perform before heading out and laying down some $$$ for a new cat. So I’ve decided to go through a few of them:
      I took the car for a test drive and listened for any inconsistencies and/or rough idling, etc. I found none, and engine was running smoothly between 1-2K RPM as usual. 
      I bought some fuel injection cleaner, fuel cleaner, and a can of MAF Sensor cleaner just in case. Right now I’m at a little under half a tank of 87 gas, so I’m going to wait until it’s under a quarter tank and pour in a bottle of the fuel cleaner or CataClean and see what happens.
      Today I’m going to check the air filter and possibly the spark plugs if I have time, to see if they’re all mucked up. I guess that’s the best time to clean the MAF sensor as well. 
      So, that’s my process so far. Is there anything else I should take a look at? I’ve heard about checking and/or replacing O2 sensors but not sure if that’s really the issue here, but would love to hear your input. 
      Thanks for listening, and would love to hear your feedback.