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Need some help with how to replace a fog light on a 2003 ES 300. The driver side fog light does not come on and there is condensation inside the lens. Should I replace the entire unit or just the bulb and try to reseal the lens? I understand thet the unit is accessible by pulling back the inner fender liner. Any instructions or advice is appreciated.

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I suppose you remove the fog light unit and see if it's practical to epoxy up where it's leaking.  Verify that the vent tube on the back of the unit isn't plugged up trapping condensation.

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Thanks for the reply. Where is the vent tube on the fog light unit and can it be accessed without removing the entire unit? How is the unit removed from the bumper? I have not been inside the wheel liner yet so I am needing a little guidance.


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Yes, the vent tube can be accessed without removing the fog light unit.  It should be obvious on the back ... a little L-shaped hose pointing downward.

Do you have an owners manual?  It might tell you how.  If there are no visible fasteners then it must be held in place on the back side.  It will probably be obvious like on the two Toyotas we currently have.

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