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Comments on the 2017 ES300H review, being the owner of a 2018 ES300H: Afraid I have to disagree with the comments on the ES300H handling and engine power.  I live in the mountains where most roads are twisty and steep and I find the handling of the ES300H up to the task.  My wife says it's better than my previous car, a 2012 Acura TSX in the handling department.  For maximum enjoyment when driving the mountain roads, using the Sport mode gives you a much more responsive engine as the engine RPMs stay at a higher level and you're at a better place on the torque curve.  I wouldn't buy a ES300H just for sport driving in the mountains ( I use a Miata for that), it's certainly as competent as every other roomy sedan on the market.  But, it's not better in that respect than the new Toyota Camry. 

Contrary to what many review writes have said, the ES300H IS NOT A QUIET CAR.  It's better than many, but there are several cars that are quieter for less money.  When you put the pedal down, the 4 cylinder engine makes its presence known pretty well.  My test for "quiet" is simple: can a backseat passenger converse with the driver and front passenger while the car is moving.  At city speeds, the ES300H does quite well in that test.  On an Interstate at 65+ mph, not so well.  You'd think that they'd have done a better job at insulating the cabin from tire noise, but they didn't.  My 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivan is far better in that respect than the ES300H.  I suspect things could be improved a bit by choosing a quieter tire, such as the Pirelli.  If you doubt that, check out the noise rating of most Michelin models with the top of the line Pirellis.  I went to Pirellis from Michelins on my Acura TSX and the difference was quite noticeable.

My dislikes relating to the interior design are fairly minor, but can be irritating.  For example, nearly all sedans offer a nice storage compartment for sunglasses (usually in the overhead light compartment area), but not the ES300H.  There's plenty of room in the center console compartment, but you'll play hell accessing anything there while the car is in motion.  My arm just doesn't bend that way.  Another absurdity is the wood and leather steering wheel which is billed as a "luxury feature" and in our part of the country you can't buy an ES without it.  Indeed, it's a finely crafted wooden wheel with a thick smooth finish that looks like plastic, but is actually wood.  I've asked a number of friends/relatives to look at the steering wheen and describe it to me.  The answer is always the same: Brown plastic and leather.  A plastic steering wheel will never be seen as "luxury".  And, that part of the wheel (where your hands always are) is not heated so if you live in a very cold climate as we do, you'll want to keep your hands on the fairly small leather area of the wheel.

The heated and ventilated seats work well, but fall short in the ventilation area.  In a hot humid climate, you'll wish that the ventilation function included cooling (as the Ford Fusion seats do).  While most cars with heated seats offer an easy to reach high/low switch, the ES300H uses a hard to see recessed rotary control.  Many reviews knock the "mouse control" used to control the navigation system, radio, etc.  We feel that it's the best control of its type we've ever experienced.  Instead of a touch screen that has to be close enough to touch (and therefore exposed to bright sunlight), the ES300H screen is recessed in the dash where it's never bothered by sunlight.  The mouse is easily used to control all the navigation and entertainment functions without distracting the driver much.  I wish all cars had that type of control.

We routinely see 40 mpg on freeway trips and not less than 36.8 mpg in the city.  Not bad considering our city driving is also mountainous.  I do notice that the mpg drops off in the cold weather around town, when the mileage drops as low as 33-34. 

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    • By nanci
      I am getting about 13 mpg on eco mode in the city.  Per the sticker, it should be getting around 22 city.  
      I have taken it in several times and am told there's nothing wrong with it.  The tech resets the mileage button, drives it for a bit and it reads higher.  When I brought it home from my last appointment, it read 16 or 17  mpg when I pulled into my garage.  When I started it the next morning, it said 13 mpg and has stayed there, or a little lower.  It's driving me crazy!  I've been keeping a picture log in my phone but that doesn't help.
      This is my 5th RX.  I've never had this issue before.  While I know there are variables in traffic conditions and driving styles, nothing's changed in my situation to cause such a large gap between sticker and actual.
      Is anyone else having problems with low mileage on theirs?  
    • By DavPol
      I have a problem with the Hybrid battery not working:
      1.            Problems first appeared very suddenly in Late October 2016 when temperatures were well above 0°C.
      2.            Traction battery shows continually full (6-7 bars on display – 70% - 85%) and is continually charging.
      3.            Even at low speeds at temperatures above 6°C only runs on battery for 10 – 30 seconds, and then needs engine assistance.
      4.            Consumption now 8.0 – 9.5 l/100 per tank, increased from 6.5.
      5.            Occasionally, when the vehicle is parked overnight with the battery showing full, it immediately displays around 30% on start-up the next day, but charges to full within ½ kilometre.
      6.            When, on full battery, vehicle is forced into EV mode even at speeds less than 20kph, will empty the battery from 80% to 30% within ½km and then recharge very over the same distance  to 80%.
      My local dealer had the car for 3 days, for extensive testing and states 'diagnostics showed no problem'
      Effectively I have a gas engine car, not a hybrid and the dealer and Lexus Canada are stating that the car is normal.  Anybody have similar problems
    • By DreedNM
      I bought a 2017 RX450h this week but seems the site isn't set up for 2017s