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My 2004 GX470 is needing an exhaust system soon. I was reading somewhere that the Gibson cat back exhaust for a 2004 4Runner is the same. 

Anyone know what/if it will work? I would like just a little burble, not loud glass pack muffler noise if possible before I consider using the new stock replacement parts.

Thanks in advance for any advice/recommendations!

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Hi Vilnis,

Yes the GX470 and the 4Runner have to same frame and V8 engine so alot of parts are interchangeable between the two. This saves alot of money for GX owners as you can purchase 4runner parts at a much lower cost. Anyways to answer your question, yes you can purchase the 4runner exhaust for your GX and it'll fit.. I happen to have it installed on my rig. Below is a link to the one I purchased.

As for noise it sounds great. It really complements the 4.7 V8 and its like a 4-5 out of 10 in loudness. There is some drone around 1700-2000 rpm but it could be just my exhaust system

If you have any more questions or need pictures, feel free to ask!


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Thanks for the quick response. When I get back home tomorrow I'll order it!

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