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I need to know how to get the correct numbered door control module for my 1995 LS400.  I have found some on Ebay, but was told I need to match the right number or it will not work.

For the record: none of my drivers door window controls work except the drivers window itself, the power lock controls don't work, my dome light does not come on when door is opened, and headlights do not shut off when door is opened.  My mechanic checked everything and said it had to be the control module because everything was getting power and ground etc. 

I am hoping to find a match on Ebay so I can pop that sucker in and start yelling at people through my passenger window once more.

All help appreciated, thanks.


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Hi, Lexie-

For the exact part number, the definitive answer is to get access to the module itself for the part number (talk to your mechanic).  Otherwise, you'll want do register and dig around at for the module, its location and the part number.

Here's what I found for diagrams:

Hope this helps.  Good luck!


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Easy fix, make sure the window lock button isn't set, I had that same thing happen one time and I thought the same thing.

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