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I am on my forth alternator because the power steering pump kept leaking on it. I thought it was bad again but it bench tested good on all the parts. and my battery stopped charging at the proper rate.y battery iis on charging at bout 12.3v. I bought a new battery. I spliced in a new main plug to the alternator. And I replaced the fuseable link between the alternator and the battery. Because one of the wires going into the 120 amp fuse in the the useable link box was burnt and corroded. So i spliced in a new wire and box but left all the other wires as is. It all got wether proofed and ran fine until all of those lights came on in my car too. My alternator still isn't charging my battery properly and I don't know why. Can anyone help??

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This is an old post. I think you fixed it by replacing the alternator or fixing the connectivity. Battery is charged with higher voltage than 12.3V.

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