Erick butler

2007 es350

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As this is your first post on this forum, you have to learn to be like a patient seeing the doctor. You tell him you're sick, and he asks how do you know? What are your symptoms? So you describe them and he asks for your previous medical history. Car problems get fixed in the same manner.

No one can diagnose automotive problems without having some basic information other than what you've given us, such as:

how many miles on the car?

has it ever done this before?

why was a battery change necessary?

do the headlights work?

do the dash lights work?

when you press the starter button, does the starter turn over quickly/slowly, or do you hear just a click or nothing at all?

are you certain the new battery is charged up and is good?

are the battery terminals reversed? (better hope this is not the case ... read very expensive fix if they are.)

We need more information. Get back to us and maybe someone can suggest a fix.


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