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the front right wheel Jammed

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Hello everyone, 

I have Lexus es 300, model 2001,  suddenly, the last week, I noticed that when I start to drive the front right wheel jammed for a while, but move good after that, until yesterday when the front right wheel Jammed completely, the tire does rotate, I took the car to the garage, they checked the brake caliper, but they found it working ok, then they said that the Brake Master Cylinder, but also, it working ok, 

I need your help folks, do anyone of you encounter the same problem before, also, does the ABS cause such a problem?

Many thanks in advance for your kind help



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Hi Tarik...welcome to the Forum

I would suggest that it is the caliper seizing as it will probably only occur when it gets hot and then releases when it cools down.

Also, the pads could be seized in the carrier (where they are supposed to float in and out) and if you remove them to check, clean and refit.

If it was the master cylinder then it would probably occur on the N/S/R wheel as well as this would be linked by a dual line braking circuit.

Let us know how you get on with it

Cheers  Trevor

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