Rear seating - 3rd row - for GX470 - Grey - available California

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I have a set of unused GX470 seats from my GX470 - Grey.   John - Three Rivers California - email j@webley.us - phone 559 640 7799

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    • By GumbleX
      Have an GX470 that has been a trusted companion for 8 years with 190k. Has worked for my wife and three kids. Was hoping to get the last 18 months of use until my last kid went to college, but the rear air suspension system is totally gone and the dealer quoted me $5,200. Dealer came back and offered a “kit” that would convert to a standard suspension that would be $2,200, but the car still has another $2-3k of other repairs to get it back to “normal”. I put Almost $1,500 into the air conditioning system a few years ago and promised that would be the last major investment. I was surprised that the blue book value still says the car is work $10k. Should I repair and sell, donate or just call it a day and sell it for scrap? Not sure if I could sell it in its current state. It’s an “extra” car and no longer needed, but sucking up too much time and resources. Any recommendations or thoughts about next steps? Thanks
    • By fozzir
      I just purchased a 2004 GX470 today with 125k miles.  First thing I want to do is add bluetooth to the kick !Removed! (Mark L) stereo in this thing.  Also, I wanted to see if anyone has been able to change the front monitor with the newer high quality gps?.  The gps on the 2004 is so outdated.  I look forward to talking with you all!
    • By MBDP
      Hello all.  
      I have ave been reading the forum for a while, and now it's time to post.  I am IN SOUTHER CALIFORNIA and looking to buy a used GX- test drove a 2007 today I found on CL.  I can provide details once I know if this is the appropriate place to post.  THanks in advance for any advice!  
    • By momo2000
      I have a 2003 with 215K miles on it.  Had it since 90K, great truck! 

      Part I: 3-4 years ago the (what I call) air flow control boxes (one under each side driver/pass, control which vents the air flows out of) started making noise.  They still worked, but would pretty much make time almost all the time the car was running.  Just a clunking, chirping, clicking every few seconds, somewhat rhythmic.   Again, everything worked, just made noise.  Since I am the only driver, and am alone 95% of the time in the truck, and play the radio ;), I never worried about it, just called them “my pet squirrels”.  I spoke to my “non-dealer-lexus-only” mechanic that I’ve been taking it to since I got it and said the dash would have to come off to fix it, and it was a big price tag so I have lived with it.
      Part II:  Then 18-ish months ago I got the recall notice about the cracked dash and went in to get on “the list” at the dealership (Dec 2015).  The cracked dash did bother me much, but I though, great, when they take the dash off for the repair, I’ll pay the dealer whatever their fee is to change the air flow control boxes that that time.  What a great and fortunate plan!

      Part III:  I am still waiting to get “my turn” to get the dash fixed, but about a month ago, the air flow control boxes stopped making noise, but now I think they are stuck in one position.  Here is the condition that they are now it.  I get A/C out the vents on the passenger side, but on the driver’s side, it blows HEAT.  I close the vents, but I some still comes through, and I some is coming through the floor vent.  After another 85+ degree day in Atlanta, I am motivated to find a solution.

      QUESTIONS:  has anyone ever seen this issue?  Is there any way to manually operate these “air flow control boxes” so I can put it in the “A/C flow mode” for the summer??  Any other ideas to keep me a bit cooler?

    • By jasanders
      I have a 2003 GX470 with around 155k miles. It recently started to get a front end shake which isn't horrible, but you definitely feel it pretty good. I know the rear air suspension has a small leak, but the bags stay inflated for the most part. It feels like it is coming from the front more than the rear. I brought it to the dealership and they said something about the CV boots and something with the steering column I believe. I don't have the sheet they gave me to read exactly what it said. Could either of these be the reason for the front end shake? Has anyone else experienced this and have some insight? I sure as heck do not want to pay the dealership to fix either of these as they charge an arm and a leg.