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4Runner vs GX-Resale value, etc

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Good afternoon everyone,

Well, the Devil got to me today...I have a new Limited on order, however the dealership can't tell me if Toyota has approved it, build date, inception date of build, nothing. In part of my frustration, I went down to Lexus and drove a '17 GX460. Plain and simple. it is an EXCELLENT ride. I walked away quite impressed with it actually. The fit and finish, quiet cabin, ride quality, smooth tranny and engine just lit me on fire. This is not to say that a Limited didn't impress me, quite to the contrary, but I didn't expect to walk away from Lexus with a quandary like I'm in now.

Now, I know there are many on this board that just hate the GX due to the lack of back window rolling down and the swing door, however the door didn't get under my skin as much as not having that blasted window to go down. I can live with the back door, the window...just not sure.

In order to be completely informed, I built a '17 GX online and a base GX, with JUST NAV and no other options, came out to be about $54k before negotiating. My Limited I have on order, that again, noone can tell me a thing about, will run a sticker of approx $46k without neg. $8k is a great dealt of money, roughly another 18% more than the Limited. You get a great deal of quality with the Lexus, but can I justify 8K for basically a V8 and better customer service, no matter how smooth the GX is??? With the loan I'm approved for, I am looking at about $125/m more for the GX than the 4R. Normally I would not let ~$100 stop me from anything, but I need to consider resale value, too. I will be whipping about 30k miles a year on this ride, and with that many miles I need it to have ALOT of longevity. I COULD CARE LESS about mileage, I care for reliability and comfort. 

With rumors going crazy that the GX will be hitting the chopping block soon, I have to consider it as a viable alternative, albeit an expensive one.

Anything in the area of data, or opinion for that matter, is welcome. We already have a '16 4R and love it, thus I am looking to stick with a tried and true model like this BOF SUV. I DO NOT want a crossover under any circumstance. I won't be taking it off-road much, but would like to have that option, thus the 4R and GX have my undivided attention.

Thanks in advance for the help and assistance.

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Simple: ask your wife or girlfriend...

This is exactly where I was stuck btw a limited 4r and a gx.  There's a lot of things to consider without a doubt...but at the end of the day like you said will come down to $125 more per month for a gx over 4r.  Since I don't know your loan terms $125/month can be stretched a bit more depending on how long you plan to keep it.  However to keep it simple my decision was obviously worth the $125 more shells a month...and the wife couldn't agree more.  She tells me every other month how much she loves it, the styling, smoothness, interior and the entire package over the 4r...and that's worth quite a lot more than $125 so that's that.

Obviously maintenance costs will be higher...but it's also offset with more attentive staff who will try a bit more to make it a less frustrating experience and a brand new loaner every time its there...what does this mean to you?  (we all have different perspectives)

In an age where cable tv costs $80/month and a cup of coffee at bucks cost the same as a gallon of fuel...if it comes down to $125 /month and you're comfortable with spending that a month for your enjoyment over the course of next 10 years...I would say the gx is not a bad choice.  After all, you're not choosing between a mustang and a lambo.

Good luck and whatever you is short... don't regret it.



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I just purchased a cpo 2017 gx460 premium yesterday.  I have not looked at a 4Runner since my 89, which was a great truck.

the cpo has an unlimited mileage bumper-bumper warranty to 2023 and can be extended to 2028.  


Nobody wants to negotiate until the end of the month, quarter, etc.  I saw a lot of positive comments etc. about the gx460 but some criticisms too — older interior design and styling, etc., the rear door, etc.  I don’t care.  Mine has low mileage (16k).  I tend to put a lot of mileage on vehicles so the warranty was a big positive.  My son has a 2009 lx470 with 175k miles on it.

I did do a lot of price comparisons between dealers, etc. online and the usual sites for feedback, etc.  The gx460 seems to have a good resale value.  

I assume much of the above would apply to the 4Runner too.



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