Homelink Garage Door Opener Programing

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Hi Everyone, I bought my 2004 ES330 from a Lexus dealer about two months ago and am very happy with the car.Except that I can not program the Homelink garage door opener.I have read and watched the video instructions on HomeLink site,Youtube, Lexus Manual,My garage door site (Genie),different blogs about this .I have tried different senarios such as having the engine running while trying to program or having it turned off.Parked my car outside the garage or inside the garage to see if it makes any difference.Tried to program different buttons incase one might be bad. Nothing has worked.It seems that I am able to do half of the programing where I sync the house opener with the Homelink but then I can not finish with the rolling code of the garage door opener. I am frustrated and can not think of anything else to do. Any help would be appreciated

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With your Lexus there are TWO steps you need to do to program the Homelink. I know because I had the same issues. Look in your owners manual and carefully review the two step procedure and it will work just fine. Gave me a bunch of frustration until I was able to figure the process out.  

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