2015 RX 350 timing Chain Cover Oil Leak

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My 2015 RX 350 with only 12K miles is still leaking oil after having been repaired by dealer less than a month ago. That repair required dropping the sub frame containing the engine and front drive assembly to fix the timing chain cover gasket. Dealer said it is a common problem ( over 50 vehicles in the last couple of years) with the RX 350. Of course I'm discouraged by the fall of Lexus quality in the last few years. I had traded a 2004 RX 330 with only 64k miles on the speedo for this vehicle. That car had an unrepairable oil leak in the all wheel drive transfer case.  I wonder if Lexus should be giving customers a recall for the RX models.  So far warrantee has covered the first timing chain gasket repair and I've yet to contact the dealer for another fix...hope I don't get into an unpleasant issue with current problem. I'm Not really happy with Lexus.


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Lexus evidently uses cork gaskets for assembling engines. They could use a more durable one that should last the life of the car. Probably would cost them a pittance. Even oil filters have to be complex, rather than simple spin-on canisters.  All designs to increase you using the dealers.  I doubt I'll ever buy another Lexus.

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