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I got a question for LS600h owners. I have sold my 2004 LS430 with 210.000 miles. Now I am looking for something newer. I got a chance to buy a 2010 LS600h (facelift) with 80.000 miles for $ 27.000,-.

I have never drove a car with batteries and do not know what to expect in service. Battery life? How the car handles? Anything to be affraid of? 

I would realy appreciate if any of 2010-2012 LS600h owner could give a advice if this car is a good choice even if 6 years old or better buy 2012-2014 GS maybe?

Thanks a lot!


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    • By Zdeno
      Hello everybody,
      I would like to ask if anyone has an experience with high miles on sc430. I have a chance to buy 2002 sc430 with 180K miles for $10K. It is one owner and timming belt was done on 140K. It hase all service documentation. Car needs new left front speaker and front brakes.
      I am little affraid of high miles but I used to own 1995 LS400 in the last and it has been great car for me.
      Does the car needs a lot when 11 years old and almost 200K on the clock???
      Thanks a lot!