Vaistech Ivic 5d - 2007 LS460L w/self park

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So I just bought a iVIC 5D, i've wired everything up and it seems to be working fine. However I was under the impression that the back up camera would be working as I have the self park feature in my car. The back up camera works just fine when the unit is programmed to mode 1, but the functionality of the ivic is lost. When it's out into the PA mode, functionality is there but back-up cam is lost, it goes to a blank screen when in reverse. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to upgrade the firmware? Any help would be appreciated.

**i am able to select the factory camera as a source, when I click on it, the ivic makes a "clicking" sound as it tries to transition into the cam but comes right back to the source screen.

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