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2004 RX330 starter battery alternator failure


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My wife's Rx330 has about 150k miles and recently started failing in various places. First the starter gave up and stopped engaging. Replaced it, but after a little while a 2.5 year old battery also failed. Replaced it as well but decided to check up an alternator. It also failed the test, was generating about 13.3v output. So I'm going to take it out today and replaced it as well. The question I have is the following, what could have caused such a massive failure? I understand that bad alternator could cause the battery to go bad and vice verse but why the starter then? Could there be some underlying other problem? Also after I replaced the battery, the windows in the back and front passenger side stopped opening from the drivers console, but are opening from each door controls. Thank you

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Hi Dmitri...welcome to the Forum

Starters are one of those components that naturally fail after many thousands of times being engaged and is quite understandable really.

Batteries only generally have a maximum lifespan of around 5 years, so again understandable.

Alternators should keep going (apart from moderate wear on the brushes and bearings) indefinitely unless polarity is reversed.  However, 13.3 volts is within the operating range (usually 12.4 to 13.8 volts) so I would definitely have it checked again before condemning.

Let us know how you get on with it

Cheers   Trevor

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