Replacing 1997 LS400 Nakamichi system-Question about wiring harness

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I Have a 97 LS400 with the Nakamichi sound system. I want to take everything out and replace it with aftermarket parts. In my research, I've found there is no harness that is a plug and play from a new head unit to the factory amp, so I want to take everything out and replace it. As far as I know, the wiring harness should only be responsible for connecting the deck to the car and because of that, I can use a standard toyota harness. Is that the case? I've been trying to figure this out and I think I'm making it overly complicated.

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If you want to "take everything out and replace it" (Nak head unit, amp, speakers, etc.) then you are going to start from scratch and run all-new wires to whatever amp you are using and to your new aftermarket speakers.

If you want to use an aftermarket head unit with your Nakamichi amp and speakers then you need to create your own simple interface harness or chop off the connectors on the car side (NOT RECOMMENDED!) and get out your soldering iron to make the connections.

I don't drop by this forum very often.  I sold my last Lexus (2000 LS400 with Kenwood head unit using the Nakamichi amp and all the Nakamichi speakers including the subwoofer) in 2014.

I gave you a link in response to your post on ClubLexus that should give you everything you need if you want to connect an aftermarket head unit to the rest of the Nakamichi components.   

Yes, you are making this overly complicated.  Maybe you should consider a professional installer or at least talk to one about your project. 

If you just want to get audio from a phone or MP3 player into your Nakamichi head unit, send or take your Nak head unit to Factory Radio Service just south of San Francisco and they will install a wonderful aux-in for cheap.  I think I gave you a link to their web site on the ClubLexus thread.


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Thank you. I'm sorry that you had to repeat yourself, I did not see that you posted a link in your ClubLexus post. I really appreciate the fact that you're taking the time to reply to me.

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