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Default 98 Lexus gs400 timing belt replacement

I was hoping to get a more clearer explanation on camshaft R/R I'm working on a 98 Lexus gs400 with obviously the 4.0 I work in a shop but took on a timing belt/WP and pulley replacement on the side. I studied alldata on the removal process but was confused on the 50° ATDC. So I did the stupid thing and aligned it to 0° long story short the #3 cylinder intake valves got bent. So now I'm in the process of removing the heads but again alldata has me questioning my every move. I've tried to find videos but nothing really good enough. I've read hours of post on this and other forums but I'm still confused on what all has to be done to remove cams without messing anything up and how do I know if I'm installing the cams back right so the timing of the cams will be back in time with crank now that it's at 50° any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Travis

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