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RX330 rear u-joint failure In Canada Advice please,

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New to Lexus.  I have just purchased a friend's 2004 RX 330 AWD with 237,00 miles on it. (Original from USA)  He hit a road construction site in the rain and the rear driveshaft fell out doing damage to the transfer case etc.  After huge estimates to fix by the Toyota dealer in our area, I chose to take to a trusted mechanic and see it repaired more reasonably!

No luck on a driveshaft from used so have ordered from Lexus Online: 1600 plus freight.  and a used transfer case 710 plus freight.

Any advise appreciated. Where to purchase parts etc. Thanks

Car is loaded with Nav, DVD player with wireless headphones etc. 



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Hi Dave...welcome to the Forum

Wow!  that is a huge amount of money for a driveshaft !

I know it doesn't help much in locating cheaper parts but in the UK we tend to remove the rear wheel drive part of the system on many AWD vehicles to avoid spending out huge amounts of cash for something that isn't needed....(very rarely need 4WD in the UK as the weather doesn't get that bad).

Hope you find some cheaper parts

Cheers   Trevor

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