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i have a 1999 Lexus GS-300 that started leaking water down the Driver Side Window Pillar - Half way Down between Ceiling and Window - This started about a year ago and thought maybe the Sunroof Drain line was clogged - Also thought the windshield was not sealed correctly (Im on my 4th windshield) but not replaced is the last 6 years or so. Every heavy rain the pillar leaks - Within the last year I've had the Starter act up - 1st occurrence was the Starter - Car was cranking by itself without the key in the ignition. So I replaced it  (it literally fried). Replaced with NEW Rebuilt Starter from Local Starter/Alternator shop that last 2 weeks and it Fried too - had a Lexus Mechanic tell me the Chinese Rebuilt Starter was not properly rebuilt because the internal wires were not insulated with wires that were a HEAVIER Gauge Wire - So I returned it to the Starter/Alternator shop for a replacement that was under warranty.

Owner game me a hard time but reluctantly  replaced it at NO CHARGE. Replaced the starter and it worked for 5 weeks then it Fried too - (pattern seem to follow a HEAVY RAIN) where the car would crank on it's own and literally burn itself out. Checked the Ignition Switch and it was fine so I replace the starter with a Used OEM Lexus (DENSO) starter and it worked fine until this week. Got Heavy Rain from Hurricane Matthew and it acted up again. Car battery was dead - so I jumped it - The minute I put the jumper cables on the battery posts the car started to crank the starter without the Key being in the Ignition? I pulled the Internal Starter fuse (5 AMP FUSE) in the Interior Car Fuse Box near the Emergency Brake and tried jumping the car again but the Starter was engaging with the Key out of the Engine. Then I pulled the 40 AMP fuse from under the hood from the Fuse Box just in front of the battery and this allowed me to at least charge the battery.

After the charge I replaced both fuses (the 5 amp fuse in the Cabin near the Emergency Brake and then the 40 amp fuse under the hood by the battery) and this seem to reset the starter and allowed me to at least start the car. There was noticeable moisture/ water in/around the bottom of the cabin under the Emergency Brake Fuse Box which more than likely was shorting out the starter and Dashboard because lights were flickering and coming on and off. I took a air Compressor to the Fuse Box with me to BLOW OUT any Visible Moisture from the Fuse Box inside the Cabin under the Emergency Brake Fuse Box. My question is has anyone ever had the same issue or a fix? There seems to be a connection with the Heavy Rain getting into the ECU and bridging some of the connections that is causing all the issues. I even tried locating the leak and rapped a Plastic Bag around the ECU to try and waterproof it. It seemed to work for a couple months until ALL the rain from Hurricane Matthew hit us here in Pennsylvania (not that much Thank God).


Any Help/Comments are appreciated! 

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This week while I had spare time on my hands I took my car to a Local Auto Glass Shop to have the perfectly fine Windshield pulled from the car for the Auto Glass Shop to replace the Windshield. Within 1/2 hour I received a phone call from the owner who said "WHOEVER REPLACED THE WINDSHIELD LAST DID NOT REPLACE THE TOP RAIL" and the entire frame of the windshield has ROTTED and has been leaking for years. The Top Rail had 3/4 rivets that were the size of a pencil that were allowing water to sit in the channel and sat in there and rotted and corroded the Windshled frame. Literally the entire  Windshield channel had major rust around the entire frame of Windshield due to Incorrect Installation of Windshield. Granted this would of been the 5th Windshield but it was not the problem. The problem was the last installation.

This would explain why my car was shorting out and burning out the starters! Auto Glass Shop saved my last windshield - ground out the rust - painted and Rust Proofed the entire frame. NO MORE LEAK - NO MORE WHISTLING WINDSHIELD - NO MORE STARTER SHORTING - NO MORE LEAK !!!

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