Whats my car worth - 203 SC430 with 56Kmiles

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I'm in Houston and I have a dark blue, white interior SC430 with only 56K miles. 

What is this car worth on a private sale?




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I have been looking at lots of them recently and just bought a 2006.

Your color combination is not that common and should command a small premium.

Somewhere around 17-18k.


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Good morning Julie. That post you are replying to is three years old. The person has not been on the board in a long time. Just so you know. Keep looking. You'll find that dream car yet.


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    • By Paul Cook
      We don't seem to even have a category in the Lexus "How To" Guides for the "SC" Sports Coupe of the Lexus line. What's up with that? I could not believe that there isn't a single video or guide on how to remove the front or rear bumpers on the 430! Sheesh. That was a learning experience. LOL. There is a lot of valuable information buried in the Forum but you have to go through 39 pages to see if anything you want is actually there. I have tried the search option and it leaves something to be desired. Anyway. Just a bit of a humorous rant this morning.
    • By Paul Cook
      I dont buy new cars. Why? They are ridiculously expensive here in California due to high taxes,  high registration fees and high insurance cost. And then top it off with the fact that I seem to put close to 30,000 miles on a car in a single year,  and you get the point.
      So, I buy quality used cars with good maintenance history records from private sellers who dont know all the tricks that maybe a less scrupulous dealer might know. 
      My latest is a low mileage 2002 SC430. Beautiful car. But as with all older cars there is always something. Today it was my roof not retracting. Its an intermittent problem too which makes it worse because you know it will never fail for the dealer.
      But, I own an iCarsoft i905 Multi-System Scanner and it has all the features I needed for this car to let me know that I have a B2502 DTC and that code says that I have an open in Roof Drive Motor RH Circuit.
      The hard top system has no less than ten individual motors, three ECU's, twelve switches and all of this has to work flawlessly.  Troubleshooting a single problem like this becomes prohibitively expensive very quickly. But if you have your own scanner that has the right software for your car, problems like these suddenly become not so terrifying. 
      Is my B2502 going to be a problem to fix? Yes, I'm sure it will have its challenges. But without a scanner, I wouldn't even know where to start or what to tell my mechanic. Think about it and then buy yourself one. It doesn't have to be the i905, its just what I own. But it should definately be a tool in your box.

    • By waningcrescent
      Hi, a newbie to the forum.  I have a SC430 2001 and have a engine and VCS light on the dashboard.  I've checked the code with my OBD reader and the code is P0171.  If anyone could provide some advice on what I should look out for before I take the car to a mechanic, this would be really appreciated
    • By Michael17
      Listing can be found on Ebay.

      LOW MILEAGE 1995 Lexus SC 400. Looks and drives like perfect! Great condition inside and out. Very nice sports coupe soon to become a classic. Garaged with solid maintenance records. 
      New tires (just replaced)
      New battery (just replaced)
      New plugs and wires (just replaced)
      New brakes and rotors (@124k)
      Timing belt replaced (@88K)
      water pump replaced (@88K)
      Engine mounts and transmission mounts (@124k)
      Updated Cat-Back exhaust system
      Much more…

      Smooth riding sports car! Bullet proof engine and very reliable luxury automobile. Nonsmoking vehicle, no wrecks, clean Carfax. Title in hand. You will not be disappointed. Original sticker price in 1995 shows $52,413. Serious inquiries only please.

    • By R Scott
      1997 Lexus SC 300 For Sale: I am the second owner of this car. I bought it from a Doctors wife when it was 5 years old, Always garaged, all service done per the book. anything that failed was replaced with Lexus parts, Always driven by me, 71 years old now. Interior and exterior in beautiful condition. everything but the CD player works (never has but I am not a music lover so never had it diagnosed). The car runs fantastic. Burns no oil between changes. All service records available. White, tan leather, 5 spoke optional factory wheels in excellent condition (chrome). 154,000 miles. I and more importantly my mechanic, would drive the car cross county without concern. Hate to sell it but I am having difficulty getting in and out of it. Too old to haggle. $6,000 firm. You will be proud to drive it anywhere. rscottm4554@gmail.com