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Hi all,

I've been an owner of a Lexus LS400 for about 6 months now. As of yesterday, I've been having a problem with my a/c and clock. First off, no buttons concerning my a/c work whatsoever, including the heater and the defroster. I will click on a button and it won't illuminate and nothing will show up on the screen. Also, the clock and temperature are not being displayed either. I'm thinking this is an electrical problem, but has anyone had a similar experience? I've put in $1500+ on new brake pads, tires, etc. and am wondering what the problem is and how much it will cost.



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Hi Michael...welcome to the Club !

I would firstly check the fuses as this sounds like a failure of one or more fuses...why they should blow is another question but for now I would check them against the location in the handbook and replace if necessary.

regards   Trevor

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