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Was hoping for advice from a few of the experts. Just jumped on a deal trading my Porsche Boxter on a 2001 ls 430. Has no maint papers, no owners manual, and 133k....paint is in excellent shape, leather also. Carfax indicates previous owner had car for 01-14. Looks like he had his maint done at place other than dealer. What would be the best way to get a handle on previous maint, ie timing belt, (dont think it is a chain belt)

Driving impressions coming from Porsche are that thisis a heavy car, has plenty of power, possibly hard on brakes and lots of sensors for all the extras...How would you recommend getting myself up to speed , possibly take to Lexus dealer for pre purchase inspection? Is there a way to ck the timing belt without taking it all apart? Can I replace the battery without keeping trickle charge on computer....If anyone knows of a pre purchase inspection topic on the site?   Thanks in advance  Jmes in San Diego


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You don't even need a battery charger. Hook up jumper cables from another car Without any manuals or documentation I certainly would not disconnect the battery as you'll often need codes to set up the radio and things which you don't have. My neighbor whom I sold my 90 LS400 to, disconnected and the radio went into SEC mode. LUCKILY (for him) I knew the code still. 

After coming off your Porsche, the main adjustment you'll need to make is to your driving attitude. Gone is the performance handling and high performance braking ability. When the timing belt is changed there is a sticker they attach to the valve cover area that tells the miles and date. Generally only dealers and higher end shops bother so there is no way of knowing.if the tech missed this important step. There is no way to check a timing belt as they usually look brand new after 100,000 miles. I have never heard of one breaking on a Lexus in my 14 years on this website so for what it's worth.



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