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Hello :)

I'm new to the forum, and new to the Lexus family. Just purchased the 2016 RC350 F AWD in Ontario. Just curious if anyone knows where I could purchase colored calipers that would fit the 19" breaks on the 350F AWD? I've contacted my Lexus dealer, and they said the American (US) version of the calipers available for my model will not fit an F series ... FML.



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You should be able to find a speed, performance shop that can properly paint your calipers. I had it done on my Mercedes CLK55 and I'm having the same shop do my calipers in Molten to match my car. They have to use a special heat resistant paint so unless you're looking for simple colors like black, silver or white, you may not get an exact match. The cost was around $300. Google it, you might find a shop close by you to solve your problem





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